Help! Nucleus keeps telling me "Sorry, you're not allowed to log in to the admin area"!

"I am trying to log into my admin area but I keep getting the following error:
Sorry, you're not allowed to log in to the admin area."

This problem is caused when a member has not been given the right to access the admin area. You can fix this in two ways:

Method 1:
If you have another admin account, login to the Nucleus admin area, click on "Members" under the "Management" quick menu on the left and make sure the "Can login?" field for your account is set to "Yes" like so:

Make sure "Can login?" is set to "Yes".

Method 2:
If you don't have another admin account, but you can access the MySQL database, you can use phpmyadmin or equivalent to run the following query to edit the nucleus_member table:

UPDATE nucleus_member SET mcanlogin=1 WHERE mname='yourlogin';

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